Go out and VOTE
November 2nd

Voters all over Lynn are using their
voice to support Nicole

April Anderson

Nicole has unapologetically used her voice for those that struggle to have theirs heard - Women, Black Women, Veterans, & the Countless Black voices that continue to go unheard. I’ve watched Nicole put in the work without a seat at the table so I know that she will continue to be a voice & put in the work (for the entire city) AT the table. I support Nicole’s run for Councilor at Large and encourage all registered voters in Lynn to do the same.

Vick Breedy

I am endorsing Nicole McClain as a Councilor At-Large for the city of Lynn, MA. I believe that representation matters and I know the value it brings. Having Nicole secure a seat at the table will allow those that may have felt that they were voiceless be heard. Knowing that she makes herself accessible strengthens my endorsement. I feel privileged to have the opportunity to support a Black woman that has shown and proven that her vision is in alignment with my own. She’s a fierce advocate and collaborator. Helpers recognize helpers. Doers recognize doers. Strength recognizes strength. I recognize that Nicole McClain is all of these things. She’s an agent for change.


Blessings From Paul Bresnahan

I am thrilled to endorse Nicole McLain for Lynn Councilor at Large in hopes that our civic leadership will more and more reflect the diverse makeup of our city.

Emily Bucklin

Nicole’s message about the gap between local government and the residents of Lynn is true! We need more diversity and voices to be heard in all sections of development. Nicole is the woman we need in leadership!

Takelia Cook

Nicole I’m extremely proud of you. I’m so glad that you're voicing things that really matter. You will make a great councilor at large.

Dinitta Cooke

Nicole, keep doing great work to support your community, I no longer live in Lynn, But I do work in Lynn. I support your Campaign & the great work you are doing, Lynn needs more people like you!

Kim Driscoll

Good luck Nicole! I know how much you love and value the community. As you may know, my Dad grew up in Lynn and my grandparents were proud West Lynners. I have fond memories of spending summers with them and know there are a lot of hardworking families in the city in need of value driven leadership. You'll be a great addition to the City Council. Rooting for you from Salem.

Jacquelyn Fitzhugh

I am supporting Nicole for Councilor at Large because I have seen the changes she is able to bring about. She has added the voices of the unheard to the public square by starting the North Shore Juneteenth Association. Nicole implements her ideas . She is not just a talker. She works hard and has a heart for the city and all of its people. Electing her to work for the city on behalf of the community will be one of the best voter decisions you could make. Trust, compassion ,tenacity, and the ability to work for the good of all people, that’s Nicole. I hope you will vote for this dynamic thoughtful and courageous veteran who is willing to service once again.


I just want to say that I have known Nicole since high school. She is an amazing person inside and out, very respectful, educated, and an amazing woman. I am proud of the uplifting movements she is always involved in and grateful our children have such an amazing role model. I wish you nothing but the best. We need more caring people like Nicole McClain.

Mariely Nicasio

I support Nicole because she has made changes within our community that were much over due and positive for all.

Sarah O'Shea

I am thrilled that Nicole McClain is running for Councilor at large for the city of Lynn. Nicole has a welcoming nature and is eager to positively impact the city of Lynn. Nicole's work as President and Founder of the Juneteenth Association has been inspiring. I believe she is the candidate with the perfect skillset and background that Lynn needs. I am hopeful and excited to see Nicole reframe the narrative and future for the citizens of Lynn.

Minchy Pena

I can say you need someone to speak for you someone whom understands the community and the people. Someone who has grown up in Lynn and wants the same or even a stronger Chance to see our Community thrive. I whole heartedly believe that Nicole McClain is that person! Hardworking dedicated smart raised in Lynn has done so much for her community!! A beautiful African American WOMAN.

Karla Starkenberg

What I’ve seen from afar, is that Nicole is a thoughtful person of courage and determination. I’m thrilled she’s running to represent the people of Lynn!

Rachel Tose

Nicole is an amazing person who is accomplishing tremendous things in this city. I'm excited to be able to vote for her and will be working hard to get her elected!"

Naoyah Toure

I support you!

Sophorn Vong

I support you!