Go out and VOTE
November 2nd

As I continue to reach out to talk to residents in Lynn, this list will keep growing. Please keep visiting this page for any updates.


Development without displacement is the key, by engaging developers on behalf of residents to allocate a portion of all developed units as affordable. I will work with local organizations that are on the front lines helping Lynn residents keep a roof over their head.



Youth development


The youth of Lynn are our greatest asset. We need to invest in our youth by funding programs that will help our young adults to transition successfully into adulthood such as financial literacy workshops, housing resources, opportunities to learn about the trades and entrepreneurship workshops



Racial equity

Lynn is a very diverse city, but that is not reflected in our city employment. I will advocate for better outreach to qualified diverse candidates when city jobs become available. I will work with the DEI officer and Racial Justice Coalition in their efforts to ensure the needs of our culturally diverse community are considered during the decision-making process

Easier access to government systems and services

The City of Lynn website is used by residents looking for information. The website needs to be easy to navigate and modernized to become a viable resource. I will advocate for an easier, streamlined process to report everyday issues that affect our community and for the use of a system that will transparently reflect the process of local government.